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DIY School Tee | Delia's Combat Boots | F21 + Ebay Arm Candy | DIY Studded Levi's

After living in LA for all my life, this was the first time I ever strolled down the infamous Walk of Fame. Summer has given me time and the pleasure to do all the touristy things I have been wanting to do. Lots of sightseeing, hot spot hunting ... you know the drill. I gave my simple tee a little edge by mixing gold and silver accessories and lots and lots of studs for an eye-catching accent. 

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couturing said...

ooh I adore your sunglasses.


Every Day Rachel said...

Awesome shirt! I love anything with fringe!


Here and Away said...

Love the sunglasses, and I didn't know that Duran Duran had a star on the Walk of Fame?!!?

Stop by!

Sabrilett said...

Love this edgy look <3 the studded shorts are so cool and your boots! I'm a big fan of the fringe top too

Sabrilett's Armoire

p▲ddi said...

You're lovely! Your outfit is amazing and I would love to see the walk of fame:) x

True said...

Wish i lived in LA too! Pictures are amazing!


Anthea Lau said...

i'm totally in love with your fringe top, super cool <3
would you like to follow each other?

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Gabriella Olivia said...

looking great! love your fringe top! <3


Mónica C. Welton said...


Janet Mandell said...

Great look!!!!

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Frank Vinyl said...

awesome look and photos. looks badass


Jenn said...

Fun look! It'd be great to wear to school :)

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Theresa said...

I am in love with your shorts! The shirt is amazing! I love the fringe bits~ Awesome outfit. (:


Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

same with me!
I just love to pair my fringe top with shorts and boots, they'll look so gorgeous!<3


Joëlle Regh said...

wow you are so cute!

just found your blog and love your aesthetic! and heyy i actually just started a new blog! i'd love if you'd come take a look and follow, if you like!


ps: if you follow, let me know by commenting on my most recent post. then i'll skip over to your blog and follow you back! :]]

Lisa said...

I remember being so excited to see Britney Spear's star :) Great outfit Candice!

The Lovely Memoir

Jade Purple Brown said...

I would totally kill to live in la, jealous to say the least!


Xixia said...

Audrey Hepburn!! So cool. And ah, this is such a lovely outfit, Candice. :)

♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

Sharena C. said...

Ahh. I bet living in L.A. is awesome. Uber cute outfit here! (:

Vanity and Vodka said...

Beautiful blog...and photos. Love your style. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now following you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love this outfit and your blog :) new follower!



Krissy ~ said...

oh my god, so pretty! i love it!
Krissy xoxo ~

Andudei Hardyanta said...

Awesome look, it's great yes, especially your sleeveless shirt.
LA.. I'll go there someday!!

Amanda said...

Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.


-Stephanie said...

Amazing! I'd love to visit the Walk of Fame! This is a great look, I love how edgy it is. You have great style
Thank you for your comment on my blog, and for following! I love your blog, and I'm following you as well.

Tie Bow-tie said...

Your outfit is so stylish!
Would you like to fallow each other? I wish to see you among my followers!
let me know please!


Adrea Kristatiani said...

Wow, Walk of Fame, so cool!
Your DIY fringe T-shirt is really awesome XD
You look great!

i've followed you, mind to follback?^^


Maycie After Five said...

where did you get your sun glasses? They're exactly what I'm looking for.

Constance said...

your blog is so nice!!!!!

-telmasofia said...

You look so gorgeous! I love your top^^
xoxo, Chance to change

Laura Collins said...

Love that top! The fringing looks really good x

Iqra said...

Love this outfit it's very boho chic !!

Masala Diary

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

beautiful photos.
and you pull that top off nicely :)

Michelle said...

Major love for your outfit, CHIC!

Ava Tallulah said...

I love the grungy look!
Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own city.

Ava Tallulah

Merrybelly said...

Duran Duran :)

sara xoxox said...

Such a great look!! You're really gorgeous! I'm jealous!

Fashio nutter said...

Great post, lovely outfits and photos.

I am new here: http://fashionutt.blogspot.co.uk/

Inês de Castro said...

I'd love to go to LA sometime in the ner future :p I loooove your bag!

Nettie S. said...

I love this whole outfit! Definitely something I'd wear!


Caitlin said...

Great jean shorts love the embellishment!


Caitlin said...

Great jean shorts love the embellishment!


Fashion babel said...

you look great!outfit, body, hair!
and photos!
wanna follow each other?yes no?

Ofure B said...

Very pwetty outfit..love it :)

Aneirys Acevedo said...

Amazing boho outfit, love how almost everything is DIY. =)


Tere Ávila said...

your tee is amazing, i love it darling!


Christine ♥ said...

gorgeous outfit! i love it, you look very fierce :)

Your blog is excellent :) I can see you put alot of effort.
I really enjoy reading your posts, they make me smile!
I'm so excited to read more posts from you and gain more inspiration <3

hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
Chriissydollxo's Blog

Lily said...

those are great pictures! hmmm, i think i've been to the walk of fame once or twice before! =)


Jennifer said...

love your edgy style!

xo Jennifer


Joshua Christian said...

Duran Duran is my uncle's favourite artist of all time haha anyhowww, your outfit is TOO brilliant! I love everything from top to toe, every fringe, every studs, every leather <3

Rebekah Wing. said...

you look amazing, dear *_* love the whole combination! great mix of comfortable but grungy and trendy looking pieces. and I think the sunglasses really suit you *_*

xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

Joyce said...

loving the accessories in this outfit- the bag and shoes!

Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

Pao said...

I love the fringe shirt!


Maninder Sandhu said...

Love the studs detail. Awesome blog!

Melanie Pangilinan said...

This is an awesome look for the summer! Love the diy top and studded shorts! =) and i love your hair.


Joey said...

Cool outfit! Love your arm candy

Jen Umm said...

great inspiration! love the first pic!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

jamie said...

duran duran... i love it! you look pretty bad ass ;-)

xx james

K. Cruz said...

Such a cool look, loving the fringed top. :)

Enwelle said...

oh i love your blog, follow you!
kisses from France,


Carmen Ri said...

Love the sunglasses and your hair is adorable!

Carmen Ri.

Satin and Souffles said...

Such a cute outfit! So jealous you're on the hollywood stars! I love your bag xx


Londyn said...

Very fun. PS> just found your blog and love it :)

Crystal said...

Very clear, your style IS AWESOME.

x, Crystal
crystal dots.

Plurielle said...

This rock'n'roll outfit is pretty cool!!! I like it ;)

fizz said...

i've also lived in LA all of my life and only recently experienced the walk of fame also! love your grungy rocker look <3