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Liz Claiborne Denim Shirt | F21 Skirt | AA Cropped Top | Taiwan Oxfords

My go-to summer outfit is always a cropped top and a light denim shirt. Skirts, however, just recently found its way into my wardrobe. It's strange because I never really fancied skirts. They always seemed too feminine, too sexy, or just too not-my-style. This particular skirt literally found me. I was in Forever browsing ever rack without any luck. Then I spotted this baby lying on a random table over folded clothing and knew it had to be mine. Corny huh!? But, no. I rarely feel so strongly about a piece that I just saw. When I go shopping, I always know exactly what I am looking for and will refuse to buy anything else that wasn't on my original "list". This time... I didn't and it was a nice change. What struck me the most about this skirt is the eclectic pattern. It's unique, funky, and cute. Plus, it is the perfect summer / fall transition piece. I can't wait for my favorite season to come around! What is your favorite fall staple?

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Brae Lu said...

Those oxfords are so cute! I love how classic they look paired with the socks.


Adrea Kristatiani said...

the skirt looks fabulous XD


Robyn said...

I love your skirt - wish I lived closer to an F21! Good find there! I love a big cosy jumper :)

Robyn Mayday

Anonymous said...

Love your style and blog! It's really great! :D

Hope you check out mine's as well and maybe we could follow each other? :D


Ally said...

That's awesome that you found a skirt that you love so much! The outfit is very cute, the jean shirt makes it very relaxed. Nicely done.

Juliette said...

Love your style!
do you want follow me? now i'm following you
kiss, juliette

Juliette said...

Love your style!
do you want follow me? now i'm following you
kiss, juliette

Sharane said...

The shoes with the socks are so gorgeous and overall your outfit is just really cute. Love the skirt.


K. Cruz said...

best fashion risk ever, the skirt looks great on you; I love how you paired it with the denim shirt - ultra cool!

Chococcuro said...

love that skirt, especially with the denim shirt!!


world on high heels said...

You look so gorgeous! :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit to a lovely woman like you. Love the aztec inspired skirt and the blazer compliments so well!

blackberryfashion said...

Amazing denim shirt :)


Stevia said...

I love the skirt! The pattern is amazingly cute and I don't think the story is corny at all!


Andudei Hardyanta said...

your skirt is just so awesome, love its Aztec pattern! ;D

Anonymous said...

man i need a denim shirt! cute outfit :)

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Theresa said...

So cute!! (: Denim shirts are a staple for me! They are the greatest thing in the world! haha Love how you styled the skirt! It's a great buy!
oh, and thank you for your commment! (: I'm starting to like senior year~


Stephanie Lin said...

I love the print and color on your skirt! It looks great with the denim top :)

a, said...

i love the pattern on the skirt too! ive always been more into shorts than skirts because i am so clumsy and i want to avoid flashing my crotch! but dresses and skirts are easy and breezy! i think ill look to add a few to my wardrobe NEXT summer (since fall is here and winter is coming!)

Jenn said...

Cute! I love the socks haha.

chīsana blogger

Sara said...

Super cute! i love your shoes!


his little lady said...

how adorable are you! love the printed skirt!
xo TJ

Sabrina said...

Oooh, I love skirts because I think they're so versatile, much more than dresses (another deliciously girly guilty pleasure of mine). And that bright printed skirt is awesome--so eye-catching and I can definitely see you getting much wear out of it by pairing it with all sorts of different tops. Love this look! :)

With love from San Francisco, California, USA,

Dascha said...

I love your style!
And you really look pretty!

I follow you, I hope you
follow me back!


Stephanie said...

so cute! loving the tribal skirt paired with the denim shirt =)

erica marie said...

I love that skirt...I need to be more like you and make a list then maybe I wouldn't spend more than I expected lol.

xo erica

Arden said...

The skirt is so fun, and very pretty! I love it! xx

juventine wu said...

lovely outfit! xx


juventine wu said...

lovely outfit! xx


Marina said...

You look awesome!

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.sabo skirt. said...

The printed skirt looks cute on you. Lovely outfit.

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Anonymous said...

Wowee! You look gorgeous. I love the aztec skirt - and the socks...too cute!

You've a new follower. x