white out

h&m blouse | MINKPINK coat | boutique sunnies | goJane booties

I spent a not-so-sunny day in LA, walking up and down Melrose, thrifting and just having a merry time. It's been a while since I had to the time to explore the city and I really miss it. LA has so much art and culture compared to the OC, where everything is all shiny and pristine. It's definitely a different scene. If you guys ever get a chance to shop here, come on a Sunday so you can hit up the Melrose Trading Post. I found some treasures (a.k.a yellow pair of high waisted jeans, vintage bags, and this round reflective sunnies for a steal). Also, don't forget to stop by the infamous MILK for some ice cream sandwiches. I luckily visited on National Ice Cream Day and ended up with two (free) cups of ice cream and a sandwich for two people. I ate most it .... with no regrets. 


Walk This Way said...

I adore your pictures! So beautiful! I would love, love, love to visit LA someday!


Great photos! Makes me excited to be going there soon! xo


Victoria // Oh So Pretty said...

We are planning to go to LA soon.. I went there when I was younger and don't remember much. I love your outfit, especially the booties!!

Rose said...

You have a beautiful blog! I love this post, your minkpink jacket is really gorgeous :)

Rose xo

lilac beam said...

love your outfit! you look stunning. x


Velvet Flowers said...

aahh candace you're so adorable

Joana said...

I'm not a big summer person, but I think I would love to see LA. I imagine it to be so cool and fun, full of life.

Thank you for your lovely comment, by the way! Your blog is really cool so I'm glad you commented :)

Love x
When You Dream Big

Melissa said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love the retro look of your photos, and those booties are perfect.


Octavio Di Gianni said...

nice pics http://princeofeight.blogspot.com.es/

Cara E said...

absolutely adore this outfit, you look gorgeous and stylish but still comfy! xo


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